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          Not long ago, people across the globe watched the strongest and the fittest compete for the gold in Vancouver. Among many different sports was the bobsledders. We watched in awe as many different teams raced down the track at 90 miles an hour with merely a sled to cover them. Some did not make it to their destination how they intended to, but they all raced well. Imagine,though, if a team had gotten half way down the hill, when suddenly, they began to argue. The results would be very dangerous, and could have a disastrous effect.

 The love story is simple… variated, but simple. Boy and girl meet. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy purposes to girl. Boy and girl get married… Now what?

The 1950’s told us that “behind every good man is a great woman.” Today we are told that, rather, she is at his side. Wherever her place of standing, however, she is his partner.  Just like those bobsledders, the boy and girl are racing toward a destination… the destination is a good mariage. There may be turns and unexpected bumps, but they must be able to take these things together. If they begin to argue half-way down, the results would be very dangerous and could have a disastrous effect.

But what does that mean for a woman and a wife? It is easy for a woman to often feel overwhelmed and uncomfortably vulnerable as she speeds down her sybolic track at 90 miles an hour in a sled. This is why God gives her the brakes to stop, breath, and then go on. Bumps will come. No track is perfect. She, however, does not need to be afraid. Her coach, God, will allways be there to help move her and her partner toward the finish line.

” An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life.”


“What is that?” my mom asked. Looking passed our yard and across the river, there appeared to be a sheep on our small island. 

 “How did a sheep get over there?”

 Not willing to let any of God’s creation suffer the cruel fate of the wild, my mom mapped out a rescue mission. Soon, across the river’s frozen waters we stepped. Our bodies wreathed with shock as the ice sloshed into our knee-high boots. Though we only walked for about ten feet, it felt like miles. Shivering, we stepped onto the island.

“You head this way, and I’ll go the opposite way,” my mom called to me. The job did not seem difficult at first… we needed to simply catch a single sheep, but after two hours of running around an island in the dead of winter, we realized our efforts were futile. that sheep was not going to go with anyone but it’s Shephard.

It may seem odd, but I have often looked back in admiration of that sheep. We have a Shephard – the best Shephard. Unfortunately, unlike the sheep on the island, we humans are very fickle and easily led astray. Jesus tells us in John 10:11, ” I am the good shephard; the good shephard lays down His life for His sheep.” Jesus has proven Himself to be a good shephard, but have we even proven ourselves worthy to be called sheep?

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