The Music started. I stood… glad to be out of the horridly uncomfortable seat for just a moment. Teenagers proudly dressed in caps and gowns filed into the front of an overheated auditorium.  For the next hour, we listened to speeches of success, journeys, and the future. Then, to reward a 4-year journey,the graduates each received a diploma. Tossing their caps to the sky, this nervous young group of “grown-ups” left friends and family to begin their brand-new paths. This was the class of 2009.

When in highschool, we feel as though we are flying toward a wonderful destination…the destination of adulthood. We can feel the wind in our hair, as we race toward our goals with arms opened wide. But, then, our senior year comes and rips us out of the clouds and kicks our butts back into reality. A reality with finances, family, and an immediate future. We have to make choices… now. So we do… at least we thnk we do, but how can anyone plan out there lives from the back of a classroom?In the town they grew up in? Alone…?

There is a sinking feeling, when one assumes the responsibilities of an adult. The same feeling that one will get later in life, when he realizes there is more money owed than had. The same feeling that will be felt after that first fight with a spouse. That feeling…. 

It reminds me of a boy who believed that he was drowning. He thrashed in the water gasping for air until he had used up every last bit of energy. It wasn’t until he took one last breath of air and let his body relax, that he realized he was only standing in knee-deep water. God has a perfect plan for each one’s life. We can worry about the journey, the funds, or the logic. We can thrash around wondering which way to turn to next, but once we relax and trust God, we can see that we were ok all along. “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matt.6:34)