a brush of paint on a piece of paper
an idea scribbled on a napkin
a notebbook with one short sentence

It would be a major oversight to see these things just as they are. That brush of paint may very well lead to a masterpiece. That idea, simply scribbled on a napkin, may create the next hit song. That one short sentence might be the thesis of an epic novel. Today may set the stage for eternity.

A painting is made up of many different strokes and colors. Some strokes are delicate, where others are bold. Some colors are beautiful, but others, by themselves, could be considered very ugly. If one were to focus on the individual colors and strokes in a painting, he would miss out on the masterpiece being created directly in front of him.

Our lives are like a painting, slowly being created into something beautiful. It is easy to view today as it’s own individual color. All of us have our black and grey days where nothing willl go right – nothing is clear. But then, there are the days, where beautiful blues and greens are to be seen everywhere. We are happy, and the world around seems to sing a song into our very steps.

Our life-pictures are being painted. God holds the easel in his hand. He has plans, but we have the choices. As this new year begins to unfold, try to look past the colors of today, look forward to the strokes of tomorrow, and make a painting that you and God can both be proud of.